The DH6

The DH-6 is the first ever production made helmet designed specifically for downhill skateboarding. It is certified to CPSC and CE EN 1078 standards. The  DH6 is the choice of many professional and amateur downhill skateboarders worldwide. The 2012 edition is the 3rd generation DH6 and features a  ratcheting flip-up visor system, a metal double D-Ring chin strap closure, better upward visibility and a small chin vent to prevent fogging. In addition, each helmet comes with a regular tinted and clear visor and a carry bag. Additional visor colors are available for separate purchase and come in yellow(boosts contrast) and blue mirror.

The DH6 comes in ONE SHELL SIZE and will accommodate most heads measuring 56cm to 61cm. Comes with a moisture wicking fit kit of pads including 2 size cheek pads to insure a proper fit. Fits sizes XS-LG. MSRP is $325 USD.

2012 Colorways:

Carbon Fade

Gloss Black

Metallic Silver

Gloss White


Gloss Red

Purple with Gold Stripe **NEW FOR 2012**


Metallic Blue

Matte Black with NO stripe **NEW FOR 2012**

Lime Green

21 responses to “The DH6

  1. every online store that i look for your rasta color DH6 is either out is either out of stock or they dont carry that color. i would really like to have this color and if i could purchase it from you directly i would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Why are pretty much all the online shops out of stock on these helmets?
    Are there going to be any more made?
    Are you guys working on a newer model?
    I really want a full face and this is by far the one that I want the most, but I really want to buy it new just for quality assurance. Oh, and I don’t really want the sector 9 dh division one, otherwise this wouldn’t even be a question.

    • Hi Andres

      Yes most shops are out, we know its not the best given the holiday season. We have been working hard the last 2 months on the 2013 version of the DH6,more on this soon.

  3. Will there be any helmets available this Christmas? I don’t know where in Vancouver, or the lower mainland these helmets are sold…I’m willing to drive! Help?

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